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Prices and services Benchmarking

  • Mapping of bank charges and bank services
  • Opportunity assessment study to consider whether launching a bank tender is appropriate. The specification of bank terms and conditions are based upon volumetric and industry

Bank tender

  • Carrying out bank tender based on specification including quantitative and qualitative assessment of tender offers
  • Efficiently apportioning cash flows among banks
  • Writing of banking services agreement to ensure a well-balanced relationship with banks and a high level of service, at the best price on the market
  • Our methodology has been successfully tried, tested on numerous RFPs and fine-tuned on a large range of features (foreign payments, business cards, cashpooling, innovative payments…). Organiser une consultation bancaire sur la base d'un cahier des charges permettant d'évaluer qualitativement et quantitativement les offres.

    We have acquired deep knowledge on both private and public tenders

Outsourcing of banking services

  • Carrying out banking call for tender offers for cheques processing, TIP Sepa, SDD mandates, cheques issuance, electronic invoices...
  • Defining management processes; analysing tender offers through qualitative and quantitative criteria; Optimizing cost and service levels written in a financial services agreement..

Support to bank change

  • Managing migrations of services provided by banking services providers
  • Defining the governance of the project and coordinating the stakeholders
  • Ensuring timeline and quality of services implementation built on proven experience and methodology.