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Treasury audit

  • Audit and assessment of treasury organization processes
  • Target design and strategic roadmap with prioritized objectives and challenges

Security audit

  • Review of all processes of the payments value chain, from purchasing to bank reconciliation
  • IT systems and business processes risk analysis and security check
  • Action plan for security of payments and transactions.

Organization of group treasury

  • Analysis of issues, resources and business structure
  • Target design along with strategic objectives and suited resources (restructuring, inhouse bank, payment/receivable factory, netting…) considering corporate sensitivity and culture
  • Attribution of tasks from Group level to Subsidiaries, and description of relationship in between

Setup of inhouse bank

  • Implementing an inhouse banking structure to improve financial risks management and resources efficiency
  • Concentration of cash, financing and risk management
  • Defining adapted management processes and treasury systems

Process guidelines and operating manual

As an extension of a treasury audit or done separately

  • Formalization of treasury and risk management processes (principles, processes description, operating modes)
  • Distribution of processes according to the size, challenges and location of entities