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Organization of payments and settlement channels

  • Mapping of target payment and collection channels to reduce processing time and to secure transactions
  • Selection of payment and collection methods, description of management processes and banking channels if necessary (international payments)
  • Study on outsourcing solutions, if appropriate.

Digitalization and innovation in payment processes

  • Implementing innovative payment processes adapted to sale/purchase and client/supplier workflows, including segmented classification of third parties
  • Implementing innovative channels of electronic banking services, digitalization of direct debit mandates, …

Securing means of payment

  • Defining ways of securing transactions for all means of payment and payment channels
  • Securing banking channels through adapted electronic signature and protocols
  • Implementing secure banking services (double-flow control on cheques, 3D secure, Sepamail Diamond…)

Cash concentration

  • Assessing opportunities of setting up a domestic or international cash pooling
  • Mapping of cash concentration architecture, management specification and monitoring through Treasury Management System
  • Setup of cash pooling agreement and cash forecast process
  • Organizing call for tender to select the banks and ensuring the implementation of the new processes.


Intercompany netting

  • Streamlining of intercompany transactions which are done by inhouse bank
  • Defining bottom-up collection of information processes and payments validation
  • Defining FX risk management processes integrated to netting
  • Ensuring the traceability of every transaction and preparing pre-reconciliation statements before consolidation


Implementation of cash forecasts

  • Setting the horizon and the objectives of the forecasts through appropriate implementation methodology, considering special aspects of the industry
  • Defining information flows, consolidation and analysis processes to ensure continuous improvement